Thursday, March 3, 2011

the happiness of mine. no doubt anymore.

It was like a super duper boring day.
And I just sit in front of my pc.
Hoping for something cool caught my eyes.
Sometimes, hoping is just nothing.
But sometimes, hoping would show u the way.

I saw a picture. It was you in the picture.
Sitting on a greeny chair. Stared at me.
My first reaction ever was like this ' :)'
Yeah, Im smilling for no reason.
Or maybe to show how much I miss you.

reason for me to smile. *totally credited to : Aizuddin Amer.

p/s : i miss you. till time meet us again. ♥


me love said...
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♥e'in♥ said...

kerinduan ye.. huhu..

Just The Way You Are said...


Amiera Hilton said...

@Ein : hehe. rindu tu biasa lah bercinta kan :)

@JTWYA : ape yang cantek yang?