Wednesday, December 22, 2010

love letter

years passed by, u still remain the same.
keep on make me smile and smile.
just simply make me feel appreciated.
make me realize how wonderful love is.

i never knew love as sweet as candy before.
i thought its just about we both feel the same.
but then i fell for you.
and now i can tell others whats actually love is.

people ask me why for this feeling.
reasons for i love you. for i miss you.
for the time i've decided to choose you.
for the decision i was made.

for all the questions that comes into.
this is just the answer i have.
u give.u share.and u make me feel the love.
u care.u accept.and u appreciate me at your highest.
and the most, u always touch me deep inside.
not those sweet words that never promise for anything.

too much to describe by words.
too hard to explain the real feeling.
lets just us know all the rest.
but one u should know my dear.
its not hard for me to keep falling for u.
u're the best thing i'd ever decide.
and u're the best i'd ever own.
thanks sweetheart :)

p/s : sebenarnya kondisi sy skg sgt terharu dgn si kekasih.thanks!

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