Tuesday, July 13, 2010

biodata diri

hah.tadi sesi mengupdate biodata diri dlm facebook.
biodata?ingt zaman2 skolah dulu.
biodata tu kire first step la kalau nk kenal2..
hahhaha...xleh blah.haish
lama je x gode2 bhgian info tu kn.
alang2 xde keje buat je la..hehe
aku xtau la btl ke slh aku tulis tu.
tp aku rasa itu la aku.
kalau ada yg anda rasa salah sila betul kn ye..hehe

Amiera Hilton was born in 10 December 1989 in Malaysia.
She grown up in a small village in Terengganu.
She had her childhood life very interesting, enjoyable and adventorous.
While became a young teenager, she moved on to be a daughter who's have her own attitude.
She just simple and maybe nice.
She talks a little but laugh a lots.
She love shopping more than u think she is.
She hate liars. She hate thief.
When someone come and sit by her side she love to just give them a lil smile. :)
She do love children especially the cute cute baby girl.
No she is not as weak as u think.
She's hard to cry but when she cry it means she's really get hurt.
She appreciate others by her own way.
She never turn back when she decide her decision.
You dont have to guide her when she said that she can do it herself.
When she's in love she give the best of her to him.
She is hard to say NO but will always say OK.
She keep her sadness alone till the time she cant keep it anymore.
She is silent but full with strength.
She is ME ♥

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