Saturday, April 3, 2010

perempuan2 gewdix celebrate befday aznie :)

location : KFC TC
date : 02.04.2010
time : should be at 10.00 pm but delay untill 11.00 pm
comment : great!its one of my best moment wif my besties..iloveu all

ok take a look some of my feveret pic :)

feveret feveret feveret pic in my eyes.
credit to Ellie Nadia Cute

its us ;)

baru smpai. kelewatan befday gurl sbb dah jd GM skang.haha

me,najat n jeny (xoxo)

ini lah dia befday gurl for that nite.
aznie afiza.
-wish u happy befday-
-may God bless u always-
-murah rezeki-
-panjang umur-
-success in ur life n karier-
-and all of joys and happiness may goes to u-

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