Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my beginning..=)


ouh now bermulanye diary i for this blog.hurm..dunno what to story n what to share actually.da lme la nk create my personal blog ni...but atas sbb2 tertentu i cant do it before this.ceritanye panjang....but i pendekkan je lah story nye so u guys x boring nk bce kn..hehe..i kn kampong nice la kot..ahah.b4 this nk sign up 4 streamix but xde line plak kt tanah air ku i postpone my niat until few days lately, i terfikir smule bout this matter.n i decide to buy celcom je pg2 td trus mandi n siap2.n ten pegi butik umi mintak duit.hahah.x gune punye anak.n then when i got it, this is the result.i finally have my personal blog...hehe..thats it. =)

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